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Apple releases AirPods Max
Copyright: Copyright © 2020 TidBits

If you think of AirPods as earbuds, you’re not alone. But just as Apple has given us larger iPhone Max models, the company has now introduced the AirPods Max, which expand the traditional earbuds to full-sized headphones.

User on iPhone
Copyright: Copyright © 2020 TidBits

Even as we get 5G cellular connectivity and high-speed Wi-Fi networks, there are plenty of times when you might want to reduce your data usage. Perhaps you’re trying to avoid running over a data cap while traveling, or maybe you’re sharing a Wi-Fi network with a very slow Internet connection.

Pinch to Zoon on IOS 14
Copyright: Copyright © 2020 TidBits

Photos in iOS 14 provides four views of your library: Years, Months, Days, and All Photos. For the first three, Photos picks representative images that may not include particular shots you’re looking for.

Name that song, in IOS
Copyright: Copyright © 2020 TidBits

Several years ago, Apple bought a company called Shazam, which made an app that identified songs by listening to the music playing nearby.

Finder Slideshows
Copyright: Copyright © 2020 TidBits

You probably know that you can select an image in the Finder and press the Space bar to preview it in a Quick Look window. And you may know that you can use the arrow keys to preview other files in the same folder without closing and reopening the Quick Look window.