Meet The Staff

Andy "The Man" Dempster - Manager/Owner
Andy is the man behind the curtain. He has worked in the business since Apple was first founded, and MacCafe was his brainchild. Over the last couple decades, Andy has worked to bring the best of anything Apple to Toledo. He's a great guy who almost never gets a day away from the office... but when he does, he's usually found out on a soccer field. updates/juan.pngJuan Hernendez - Sales
Juan has been working for us for 5 years now, but is no stranger to selling Apple products, having previously worked for another Apple Reseller since 2011. He has over five years of graphic design experience, and is especially helpful if you have questions about Adobe's design suite. Juan is a Toledo native, an Ohio State grad, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. updates/julia.pngJulia (Dempster) Koralewski - Marketing Director
Julia has grown up with Apple computers, learning all she knows from "The Man" himself.  She has worn many different hats over the years, from selling iPods at the old mall kiosk, to graphic design work for MacCafe ads. Currently, she is either working behind the scenes, or occasionally out on the sales floor. She also works as an elementary Art teacher, and coaches both soccer and track. update/eric.pngEric Naujock - Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Eric Naujock has been involved in computers and computer technology since the early 80s. He has worked for the MacCafe family of companies since 1987. Eric holds many of the advanced technology certifications for the MacCafe and enjoys keeping up to date with new technologies and trends. He has been involved in advanced networking, Basic network security, Database Driven Website design and development, Macintosh advanced services, and Macintosh and Windows integration.

MacCafé Specials 

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