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Free 21-point Inspection

Want to ensure you Mac is running at it's best? Bring it in today for a multi-point inspection and see how we can help make your Mac faster and more efficient. Inspection includes:

 Check hardware: Logic board, SD board, Bluetooth, Airport, Display, Camera, USB input devices, Optical Drive, Ethernet, Battery, AC Adapter, Fans, Video Card, Sensors, Processor, RAM Memory, HD/Flash storage
 Check warranty status
 Check service program eligibility
 Check for viruses and malware

No appointment necessary! Questions? Call 419-885-1240 for more information.

MacCafé Specials 

iPad deals, 5th gen iPads. Call for pricing and models.
iPad mini demo unit
Current model 128GB
Used Xserve  (2009)
2.26 Quad-core, 9 GB RAM, 2 x 1TB drives, Raid option, rackmount

AudioEngine Powered Speakers
   HD6 Black - $525 --- save $224
   A5+ BLK/WHT - $350 --- save $49
   A2+ BLK/WHT - $199 --- save $50

Focal XS 2.1 Near Field Speaker System

now $349 --- save $250

iPhone cases up to 80% off

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