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Back to School Notebook Prep

Get your MacBook ready to go back to school! Let the MacCafé make sure your Apple portable computer is ready to start the new academic year.

The MacCafe will:

  • Clean the dust and debris out of the computer
  • Inspect for potential hardware problems
  • Run Apples diagnostics to make sure everything is running as intended
  • Make a note of any software issues detected
  • Perform a quick check of the operating system

Get all this for the back-to-school price of $ FREE!

Time to Backup

Get ready for school with a backup plan.

For back to school get a Time Machine drive for your computer at MacCafé, and we’ll set it up for free! Hurry in, drive setups will be done on a first come, first serve basis.

The MacCafe will:

  • Configure the drive for Time Machine
  • Make your first backup
  • Run Apple diagnostics
  • Perform a quick check of the operating system


Keep your data and schoolwork safe with a new Time Machine backup drive.

No appointment necessary! Questions? Call 419-885-1240 for more information.