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Published Sunday, May 13, 2018

The 360 Electrical Company was created to make things better for our tech-centered lifestyles. The original idea was to solve the problem of plugging in bulky phone chargers. With 360 Electrical products, you can rotate the electrical outlets.


One such product is the 360 Electrical revolve 3.4. It mounts directly to the wall outlet. Features include four rotating outlets to fit large plugs and two USB rapid charge outlets to charge 2 USB devices that total 3.4 Amps. It effectively turns two outlets into six possible sources.


Another benefit is 918 Joules of surge protection to keep your electronics safe. There is an EMI/RFI power filter for clean, noise-free power. Surge protection and filtering are excellent for stereos, guitar amps, televisions, etc.


360 Electrical is a great space saver considering you can plug your USB cables directly into the outlet without the power adapter which saves a bunch of space. You can fast-charge a tablet and smartphone at the same time. The space-saving features are great for kitchens, bedrooms, and offices where flat surfaces are at a premium.

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