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Apple devices are designed to be great and have a decidedly user-centric focus. But this means that a business' management of Mac devices is significantly different from other operating systems. This user-centric focus continues throughout the entire Apple product line; Mac, iOS devices, Apple TV, etc. But for business users, Apple has a solution for unified management. Instead of using a central management system link AD (Active Directory), Apple uses MDM (Mobile Device Management). Apple designed its MDM solution to be user-centric. The owner (user) must opt-in to being managed. Consequently, the user can also opt-out of being managed.

To help businesses handle their fleet of devices, DEP (Device Enrollment Program) was created. When a new, DEP enrolled computer or iOS device starts up, it will check in with Apple servers to get its enrollment and provisioning. This allows a business or other entity to be the owner of a device and maintain control.

MacCafe now offers MDM and DEP along with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) solutions for your organization and its Apple device support requirements.

VPP allows businesses to acquire software and secure its ownership. The licenses can be pushed to or pulled from a device to suit the device's function. The MacCafe MDM solution offers the ability to use VPP to deploy software to the devices under your ownership. Licenses are attached to individual machines on demand.

The MacCafe MDM solution is part of Whitespace Manager for Apple products. With this solution, you can reliably handle and manage your Apple products on the network. No binding required. But if you still want to bind to a directory, the MDM can also push an enrollment profile to a DEP based computer to bind the Apple device to your directory system (most commonly AD).

MDM can also work with non-bound solutions like NoMAD to give the benefits of a directory without the binding - allowing your fleet of users to work with company-owned devices without the hassle of directory binding.

Call for more information about the MacCafe Managed device support that you can get under the Whitespace Manager.

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