WS Defender

MacCafé offers a managed network perimeter security solution that works as a firewall for your network. Our service manages and handles incoming and outgoing traffic to keep your critical services running smoothly and efficiently. 

Cloud apps saturating your connection?

With the latest in cloud based storage, your Internet connection can become saturated with non-essential traffic. As a result, mission critical traffic cannot get though. With our bandwidth management options we can make sure that cloud based services, or the outbound traffic bandwidth hogs, can be managed and the flow prioritized.


Block Malware

Whitespace Solutions Defender uses state-of-the-art traffic analysis to identify and block undesirable traffic. Viruses, malware and network intrusions are blocked in the firewall giving you an additional layer of protection.

Control undesired internet sites

In addition to defense procedures, you can take an offense against time-draining websites. Are you having issues with undesired use social sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at work? We can install filters to stop the traffic to these sites by them being unavailable to your users. Keep your employees focused on their work, not cat videos.

Network Defense for peace of mind

The Whitespace Solutions defender is a pay-as-you-go service. We will customize, install and maintain the hardware for your defender service. You pay a small monthly fee and we  maintain, manage, and keep it up-to-date. If there is a problem or failure, we take care of it. You keep your eyes on your business and we will take care of watching the border of your network.


MacCafé offers three tiers of firewall service:

Level 1:  This is our basic defense solution which offers 100Mb Ethernet Connectivity. This firewall can handle Traffic at 200Mb/s and perform anti-malware and 40Mb/s. This solution does not offer VPN connections.

Level 2:  At this level, 1Gb Ethernet Connectivity is offered. You get two simultaneous VPN tunnels, upgradable to 10. It handles traffic at 500Mb/s and perform up to 60Mb for anti-malware.

Level 3:  The top end firewall for small office networks, this device can natively handle a cable modem running at 500Mb/s and perform up to 70Mb/s for anti-malware. This configuration also allows for 2 simultaneous VPN tunnels, upgradable to 25. This device offers 1Gb Ethernet Connectivity.

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